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We all know how it goes. You find yourself staring at that virgin screen, so irrepressibly white. You want to write; you know you have it in you. You can feel the words and ideas churning up inside. Sometimes, you've felt that if you don't let them out onto a page, or fill that screen up with them, you'll literally explode.

But not now. You can hear a clock's dull rhythm in the distance; then you catch the sound of brisk steps clicking down the hallway. As they begin to fade, you notice they are almost in time with the cursor blinking, so patiently, on that bland, blank screen. Finally, the steps disappear altogether—but the screen hasn't grown any less empty or less daunting....

If you've found my Web site, then you recognize this scenario. Perhaps, you know it all too well. My name is Mark DuCharme and I offer services for writers at all levels of experience. Whether you're a student, a beginner or a seasoned pro, I can help you reach your writing goals.

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