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"Real World Writing"
This class is offered as a private, one-on-one tutorial geared toward a variety of "real world" writing situations, from drafting a cover letter or business correspondence to writing essays, articles, reports, book proposals, etc. The class is customized to the needs of the individual student. Please contact me with information on your specific goals. Class sessions are usually 75 minutes in length, though longer sessions are possible.
Charge: $62.50 per 75-minute class session

"Finding Your Way to Poetry"
Have you always wanted to find the Poet inside you— the authentic, creative self you know is there but were never able to unleash? Working in a small, supportive group, we will explore the many creative possibilities that poetry has to offer. Students will become exposed to poetries old and new, and we will try our hands at a variety of poetic forms and techniques. This class can be customized as a weekend practicum or 5- or 10-week course.
Limit : 8 students. Fee: Practicum $125 / five weeks $200 / 10 weeks $400.

"Losing Your Voice"
A lot of people talk about "finding your voice." Well, this class is about losing your voice: letting go of inhibitions, habits, preconceived notions, and limiting beliefs about what your writing is "supposed" to be like. We'll look at work by modern and contemporary poets and writers, and explore a wealth of techniques to jump-start the creative process. This class can be customized as a weekend practicum or 5- or 10-week course.
Limit: 8 students. Fee: Practicum $125 / five weeks $200 / 10 weeks $400.

"Become a Poetry Organizer"
Don't ask what poetry can do for you; ask what you can do for poetry! Students will work one-on-one or in small groups with Mark. Students will initiate projects based on their own interests, and in consultation with Mark. Possible projects include, but are not limited to, organizing a reading series, starting a magazine, starting a small press, publishing a limited edition chapbook or broadside, bringing poetry into nontraditional venues (e.g. poets' street theater), poetry as political action, poetry in the schools. The only limit is your imagination. Make what you want into a reality and live your dream. Fee will be based on the scope and duration of the project. Contact Mark for more information.